Gotta date ’m all! Palace simulation RPG - King ’s Romance


Seek true love in the ancient past! Travel through time and become a scholar at the beginning of your promising career. As you are promoted from a commoner to a king, you'll experience imperial life in the court of Ancient China. By the way, did I mention a harem of countless beautiful women? What are you waiting for? This is the King's Romance, a fantasy long sought after by all men!

Get promoted! Go from rags to riches in no time

The court will be dark and treacherous. Your career will be full of strife! Will you strive for immediate gains or the greater good? Remember to judge cases fairly and win the hearts of the people! Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't think Ancient China will be any easier!


Powerful generals and strategists at your command

The greatest men of this time are waiting for you to recruit them. Come up with strategies and dispatch followers wisely to face your opponents!


Enjoy a harem of beauties like a real emperor

Establish your harem. Exotic beauties from throughout the land await your summons! Pure and refined or delicate and lovely? Alluring and sexy or exotic and passionate? Experience romantic relationships in all different kinds of ways!


Raise heirs to extend your lineage and spread your influence

Get married and become a father. Experience the realistic family life of ancient imperial life. Help your children find suitable companions and carry out marital unions with other players to further expand your power!


Ascend from a commoner to the apex of power

Build an alliance with other players to begin your reign! A cunning politician or a savvy romantic. Leave your mark in history!


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Seek true love in the ancient past! Gotta date 'em all in King's Romance!